Special exhibitions


ABOUT HAPINESS   Lore Heuermann A/D , Renate Krammer A , Friederike Schwab A , Kathrin Siegl A , Sandor Csok A/HU, Alfred Graf A , Gerhard Raab A,  Markus Redl A  a.o. m. 2009.12.18 - 2010.03.20.

AREAS BETWEEN Sandra Brandeis Crawford GB. 27th of March-24th of April.

contemporary art in graz 16th of April-18th of April

DIALOGE Swaantje Güntzel D,  Andrea Pierus A.  30th of April-28th of May.

WOMEN´S VIEWS Magdalena Frey A,  Lore Heuermann D, Renate Krammer A. 29th of May-10th of June.

CLEAR LIKE WATER: CASCATA Cataldi Francesca I, Frank Ettenberg USA. 11th of June-23th of July.

LICHTBLICKE Adrian  Buschmann  Pl und Ella Hu D, Jürgen Schiefer A, Edith Temmel A. 24th of July-31st August.

LOST TEMPTATION  Stefanie Hilgarth A, Marina Stiegler A, Alfred Resch A. 3rd of September-16th of December.

ENCOUNTER STAGE Michaela Wiegele A a.o.m. Pictures, photos, rare objects.  17th of December -25th of March 2011 // special shop-hours 17th of December-23rd  of December 2010:12:00-14:00