THE GARDEN LABYRINTH - a kind of maze designed/created by Hartmut Skerbisch (born 1945-06-11, died 2009-04-03), initiated and installed by kunstGarten: 2400m2 Park meadow. Buxus hedge of 1800 bushes. A metal center.


Curator an direction of the project: Irmi Horn

Technical direction (Art of Garden): Reinfrid Horn

Assistents: Garden-Trainees of ZEBRA AGALA 2006

Enabled by a prekarium on 5 years of Town Concillor Mag. Dr. Wolfgang Riedler, which permits the installation with the obligation of maintenance by kunstGarten (artGarden) 2006-2011.

2007-06-19, 18:30 Great Opening Party in Cooperation with the Institut of Public Art in Styria

Music: LESSERN IS MORE Flow Bradley (Voice, Guitar), Christoph Gerstl (Drums), FAIR STREICHER QUARTETT Hermann Härtel, Johanna Kugler, Claudia Schwab, Magdalena Rust

Opening by: Vice-Governor Dr. Kurt Flecker, Town Councillor DI Dr. Gerhard Rüsch, Univ. Lect. Dr. Werner Fenz

Moderation: Peter Wolf (ORF Styria)

We achieved at the responsible authorities of the town the installation of park lanterns   in September 2007.

Contemporain art takes over the obligation of local enculturing: Following the priciples of AGENDA 21 we started the rise of the  quality of life in the 5th district of Graz, the Gries.

We thank all our promotors!