OPENING of the exhibition STATT PARADIES

2006-09-02/ 18:30

Locating Eden and PAYER-WEYPRECHT-ISLANDS I (public space) - designed for kunstGarten
Opening by Dr. Kurt Flecker und Priv.-Doz. Dr. phil. Werner Fenz.
Music: Ingrid Eder & Josef Fürpaß (Bandoneón)
Exposition to Oct. 8th - on public area - excepting LUFTBRÜCKE / AIRBRIDGE,Franz Joseph ´s GARDENISLAND, which are installed furthermore, inside kunstGarten to Oct. 31st 2006

Renate Kordon-Kapfinger,The shaman woman from the stone age as a figure of light:  the dancing Venus from Galgenberg. A light installation. In an associative context, Haute Couture,  an experimental film will be made and shown. Markus Redl:  I AM FOR IT- sculpture from marble of Sölk, Alfred Resch: GROSSER GRIES-GASSENGRIES - an installation over the pond.  "Payer-Weyprecht-Islands" on PUBLIC SPACE
Markus Redl: Sölk Mode - Suburban Signs  (Stone 48. ZWEI AUTO-Two Cars / Stone  49. EIN VORSCHLAG -An Offer (in cooperation with the firm of Sölker Marmor Inc.) 
Alfred ReschFranz Joseph ´s GARDEN-ISLAND or GriesNOCKEN Codex Graz - Informationsträger der Zeit / time ´s information medium
Jens J. MeyerEN FACE / FACE TO FACE, a three-dimensional installation