Open Air Club LIVE - July


2006-07-06/20:30  INSIDE TIME Thinking about time
Short movie TIME by Dr. Christa Ecker-Eckhofen, A 2006 and round table discussion

Dr. Irmgard Bohunovsky - Bärnthaler, Galerie Carinthia, Klagenfurt / DI Carola Gosch, ehem. GF Gosch - Consulting, Graz / Mag. Irmgard Schaumberger, artist and director of Masterclass Ceramics, Graz / Univ.-Prof. Dr. Werner Fenz, Institut for History of Arts, Graz / Dr. Robert Neunteufel, NPO for time slow down, Graz / FH-Prof. Dr. Martin Ross,  Informationsdesign FH Joanneum Graz, philosoph and writer, Wien / Dr. Erwin Schwentner, judge and artist, Graz

2006-07-07/19:30  ESSIGMUTTER Werner Baumüller. Author ´s reading.

2006-07-08/17:00 HOMESITE GRAZ Exposition-Opening: Dr.  Heribert Michl (Mexican portraits), Helmut Kozar (sculptures).

2006-07-09/17:00  JAZZ @ FIVE Berndt Luef Trio
Berndt Luef: vibraphon, percussion
Thorsten Zimmermann: bass
Dusan Novakov: drums, percussion

2006-07-14/19:30 DANA TUPINAMBA TRIO | BASSBILDER Reinhard Ziegerhofer

2006-07-21/19:30  Dramatic ReadingCLUB with Irmi Horn
Contemporary literature:Barbara Frischmuth DAS LACHEN DES DALAI LAMA
The Dalai Lama ´s Laughter, by Barbara Frischmuth
Dramatised-text by Irmi Horn, performance Anna Maria Gruber.
This is a monologue, combined with recorded  speech. While characters wait at a bus stop, the searchlight is turned on their coming-to-terms with what is foreign in encountering would-be immigrants; with what is foreign in one ´s own bloodstream, one ´s own family, one ´s own son. In several scenes, we take a critical look at a world view which is a constant factor in this conflict.
The bus stop represents a metaphor for one ´s place and stay in this world. Limits of tolerance and intolerance are newly mapped, newly outlined.

LOS MUGRÓNES Trio: Boris MIHALJCIC (Violin), Josef FÜRPASS (Bandoneon), Andrej IVCHENKO (Guitar)
"Yo soy la morocha
de mirar ardiente,
la que en su alma siente
el fuego de amor."            

2006-07-28/19:30 EXISTENTIA FRAGILIS Hannes Waltl. An author ´s reading.