September 1st/18:00

Contemporary art inmidst FLORA PERFORMING and in PUBLIC SPACE: Sculptures, installations and pictures by Gabriele Berger, Alfred Graf and Arnold Reinisch.

PAYER-WEYPRECHT-ISLANDS introduced by kunstGarten 2006. A hommage to Julius von Payer & Karl Weyprecht. We thank all promotors and the green light, the permission by the public authorities of the town
to use the traffic calming-isles in front of kunstGarten to install contemporary art for the people passing by.

The first recognized exploration of the archipelago Franz Josef Islands was done in 1873 by Austro-Hungarian North Pole Expedition explorers Karl Weyprecht and Julius von Payer, while their ship was locked in ice trying to find a northeast passage. After exploration of its southern islands, the name was bestowed in honor of Austro-Hungarian emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria. (Franz Josef Land in Arctic Ocean N of Novaya Zemlya, RussiaArkhangelsk Oblast, Northwestern Federal District. Franz Josef Land consists of 191 ice-covered islands with a total area of 16,134 km². It has no native inhabitants.The archipelago is volcanic, composed of tertiary and jurassic basalts, and though covered mostly by ice it does have outcroppings covered with moss and lichens. The northeastern part of the archipelago is locked in pack ice all year round, however the ice sometimes retreats past the southern islands in the late summer.