GardenArt in public space


Dr. Schlossarpark
A GARDENLABYRINTH / maze installed by Hartmuth Skerbisch

The first project in our programme "GardenArt in Public Space", in consultation with Stadtgartenamt Graz (the City Department for Parks and Gardens), is the re-design and revitalisation of Dr. Schlossar Park, in the 5th Borough (called Gries) of the city of Graz.

A maze is to be built consisting of box shrub (buxus sempervirens) together with an installation. Hartmut Skerbisch and kunstGarten have been engaged in this project since early 2004.

Nature and art are closely bound up with each other: they manifest whatever is changeable, whatever is temporary, in nature - and also in man: on the other hand, we can recognize a process of coming to terms with the spiritual value represented by art that goes beyond man´s nature, in the highly charged field where tradition and avantgarde meet.

In this way, the natural, things planted and given form, and the artistic form a construct that opens up and reveals itself - to those people who allow themselves to get involved - as a living piece of GardenArt: an historic moment; permanence in the changing seasons of cultures; momentary, close attention (a matter of constitution) paid by visitors and viewers; but also a field of communication inter generationes et inter tempores.